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                      I would like to speak with you about the pictures we observed yesterday during the program I cannot in any way spell nor try to spell it in fear of humiliation, but whatever. During the program yesterday, I picked up a poster from a past Israel Independence Day due to what I wish for not only Israel, but for all countries, nations, islands, archipelagos, cacti, and shrooms around the world. This poster showed not the cliche and stereotypical peace and prosperity but a notion that was forgotten centuries ago in place of the highly technological era of the modern age. Don't get me wrong though, I love technology, I would probably die without my precious phone and other such, but if this technology was not abused in such a manner then life would much simpler and more unified. An era of barter, agrarian lifestyle, and simply a life like the agrarian Kibbutzim. Life without the trouble of politics, difficulties of corruption, and cruelty of the government  would provide such a peaceful existence. Life would no longer be an effort to keep up with the growing demand of the majority and instead will have the ability to simply live, enjoy, and spend time with your family and other loved ones. This life of no power, no corruption, and no pain is my dream, one that is perfectly detailed in this poster... poster is below- check it my shrooms! 
The Dream I Have For all my Shrooms not only for Israel but for simply everyone alive. Lets go Neolithic Revolution and Agrarian style shrooms!!!!