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Sunday, July 19 had a slow start. Although we had an inspiring workshop with film director Ayelet Kaufmann, ARTEL as a group was on the brink of sleep. But the day picked up pace when we headed off to Haifa to meet the Druze people in the village of Usfie. They are a religious minority with a vivid culture and we had the pleasure of eating lunch with them. It included rice, salad, lettuce, lamb meat in white sauce and tomato sauce, and pita bread in which it could all be put together to make one delicious meal. Afterwards, the woman from the village who served us the food told us more about her people's culture. One specific point she made about the Druze religion is how they believed in reincarnation. She told us a story about a young boy from her village who was born with the soul of a deceased man, whose widowed wife was still alive. His parents didn't believe that he was reincarnated however and dismissed him. He managed to find his way to the widowed wife and prove that he had the soul of her deceased husband by telling her secrets that only she and her husband knew. 
And that was our encounter with the Druze people. So once again, enjoy the pics and see you soon!

<![CDATA[Jew Crew Diaries: Day #1]]>Fri, 10 Jul 2015 15:50:48 GMThttp://artel2015.weebly.com/jew-crew/jew-crew-diaries-day-11Sderot and Moshav Netiv HaAsarah
Shalom! We have begun our adventure in Israel! Today we have made many explorations within the Israeli culture. We have tried many new foods native to Israel, such as shawarma  and falafels. In addition to food, we visited the Gaza strip border located in the Western Negev, where we learned about the historical conflicts Israel had with bordering countries. Later on in the day, we went to the Moshav Netiv HaAsarah and discussed the struggles that the people living there face daily. To add some flare to our already fun-filled day, we painted over ceramic hamsas' to our liking. We wrote our wishes for Israel's future to add to the mosaic covering the wall that separates Gaza from Israel. On our way back, our tour guide told us about Israel's defense system, called the Iron Dome: a system that sensors incoming rockets and blasts them with their own rockets. 
Soon we are going to celebrate Shabbat in Kibbutz Sde Boker, so hopefully we'll be able to post again soon. Until then, enjoy our photographs. L'hitraot!

<![CDATA[Jew Crew Diaries: Day  -1]]>Sun, 31 May 2015 15:01:05 GMThttp://artel2015.weebly.com/jew-crew/jew-crew-diaries-day-1     Four score and seven years ago, aka yesterday, we learned about Jewish Independence day. Specifically about its beautiful posters. They were all very vividly colored and represented the events of the specific year it was made in.  Individually we had to get a poster that represented how we wanted to picture Israel. Stephanie wanted to picture Israel as a place of unity and peacefulness. The picture she chose showed people coming together toward Israel, which represented a safe haven for people of the Jewish ethnicity. Nicole wanted to picture Israel as a celebration of its people, its nation, and its accomplishments. The picture she selected was made in 1989. It displayed people celebrating, throwing bright banners and streamers into the air. That is how she wants to see Israel, with streamers and banners flying through the air when she lands for two weeks.
     After observing and discussing the Independence Day posters, we were assigned to draw painting of what we envisioned Israel to be right now. Here are the end results: